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Impact of having a low credit score:

The credit score of an individual is a rating given to him on the basis of his history of financial transactions. The best method to ensure that you have a free credit score at the highest level is to ensure that you are very particular about paying your bills in time; this is not just restricted to paying your loan installments in time or ensuring that the bills pertaining to your credit card are paid of within the specified date. It also extends beyond that and could include your departmental store, from which you make the most purchases or also paying of all your utility bills and taxes in time. People often have the misconception that the only impact of having a negative credit score is that they will not be considered for any bank loans or for any future offers on credit cards. But the fact of the matter is that these are not the only things that its impact is limited to. In fact, its purview includes a whole lot of things that can have a drastic effect on your future. These days even employers are very particular in having the credit score of their new prospective employees checked before they take the decision to recruit them.

free credit report

Hence, a low score can definitely mar your prospects of securing that dream job that you had been thriving for and had all other necessary qualifications to entail selection to the same. Get your credit report now, this will give you access to your free credit score and make you aware of the need to improve it.

free fredit score

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